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>Taking security to a next level

YAP YAP is a cutting edge mobile security application that turns your mobile device into your personal home alarm management system. This free application connects you directly to your security provider and allows you to be instantly informed of any activity on your monitored premises. YAP YAP also makes it possible to seamlessly and securely manage aspects of your security profile, including keyholder details, holiday instructions and site contact personnel. This application allows you to easily test your alarm system to ensure correct alarm functioning. YAP YAP also doubles as a panic button and can send your precise location to your service provider at the press of a button (security service provider dependent). YAP YAP has numerous services such as geo-location, security monitoring and gate-opening capability and availability of these services depends on which are supported by your security provider. Features: REAL-TIME STATUS UPDATES • Receive push notifications with status updates SITE ADMINISTRATION • You can see a real-time overview of all your monitored site statuses (home, beach house, office, etc.) • Manage your keyholder account information • Put your alarm into test mode and test it thoroughly without any other user intervention • Manage site contact person details • Update your own Holiday instructions without contacting an operator • View your account status ALARM STATUS • An overview of all registered site alarm statuses • See your last alarm activations date • Ability to cancel an alarm response using password protected functionality • Escalate the alarm via the emergency button PANIC FUNCTIONALITY • Permanent panic hotkey CONTACT SERVICE PROVIDER • You can request a service call from your security provider • You can request a meeting with a sales representative from your security provider

Yap Yap Application available on Google Play Store and Apple iStore

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