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Stop Crime Before it Happens, Pretoria and surroundings. Get a Basic Alarm System for only R2999 + Free Installation + extended warranty!
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Citi Protection Alarm Systems

Alarm Systems Pretoria. Alarm Quotes Pretoria - If you are in Pretoria and surrounding areas, and you need an Alarm System, then Call Us today!

Welcome to Citi Protection home security and armed response services. We service the Pretoria & North West areas. This month we have a special where you can get a basic alarm for only R2999.
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But first we would like to ask you something...

What do you think the chances are that your home will be burglarized this year? Data from the SAPS crime report shows that every 15.4 seconds somewhere in South Africa a burglary occurs.
How would you feel if you come home after a long day at work and to realize you have been robbed? Now the loss of your material possessions is not the end of the world because you can easily replace it. However, what a thief can steal from you is not your personal belongings, but your peace of mind.One way to feel safe in your home again, and to regain your sense of security is by getting a home security system, where a trained armed response team monitors and protects your family 24/7.

Get a basic alarm for only R2999 today and we'll do the installation for FREE plus you'll get your 1st month of armed response services 100% FREE. But first, get a free home security review by completing the form to the right.
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If you want to buy a home alarm system or just want to enquire about home alarm system prices or or want to obtain an alarm system quote for a home alarm systems installation look no further. We have great alarm system specials and our alarm system prices are tailor made to suite your alarm security needs. For a free no obligation alarm system quotation call us now

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Outdoor Alarms

Pet-Friendly Function, Outdoor Alarm Systems and Sensors

Perimeter protection

A good security system for your premises will always include careful attention to perimeter protection which will include but is not limited to walls, palisades electric fencing and last but not least outdoor perimeter beams or outdoor passives.These outdoor detection devices can be obtained in wired as well as wireless options.

The use of outdoor detection for both industrial and household use is fast gaining momentum in South Africa. It is no longer seen as a nice to have in the overhaul security plan but rather a necessity.

Citi Protection Outdoor Alarms

This has been as a direct result of the violent nature of housebreakings and robberies in the recent years and now is used as a early warning system.

Whilst great strides have been made in the technology that drives outdoor detector producers to eliminate false alarms, it must also be noted that various cheap products available do not adapt well to the specific conditions and climate in South Africa.

Citi Protection Outdoor Alarms

Unscrupulous companies who’s main aim is to grow client numbers often do not have the technical expertise to recommend the correct product and installation thereof.

When it comes to the best outdoor alarm advice ensure you get a company that understands your individual lifestyle and needs, if not the acquisition of outdoor detection will be more of a frustration than an improvement of your security plan.

With patrols limited to only specific areas you can be sure that, should an emergency arise, and you need help, an armed response team will be at your doorstep within minutes.

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Armed Response

Armed Response Pretoria: Want Fast And Efficient Armed Response at Affordable Prices? - From R350pm*

Citi Protection ensures an immediate armed response service in the Pretoria area linked to your security alarm system. We also offer a range of value-added services to our clients.

Let Citi Protection Help Protect Your Property:

  • 24 Hour Armed Response at Affordable Rates.
  • Security alarm monitoring included.
  • An IMMEDIATE response to your emergency calls.
  • Protection for your home or business.
  • FASTER response times to all of your alarm and panic signals.
  • Armed reaction officers are licensed and issued with firearms.

Citi Protection has a substantial fleet of armed response vehicles in our areas of operations. These armed reaction officers are on permanent patrol 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. Armed Response provides a passive and active deterrent to burglars and other threats to your family, your residence and your business.

Estate Guarding


It is our belief that Citi Protection will be able to significantly enhance your current ability by adding strength and technology to the areas where needed.

Citi Protection is driven by service standards and believe that our tested systems and expertise will be useful in continuing to raise standards through out the industry, especially to benefit your industry.

We believe that we would be ideally placed to provide a cost effective service to your organisation.

The quality of our service is monitored through service level agreements and close working relationships with our clients.

Regular interactive management meetings between our clients and us ensure that these standards are maintained. These principles will be replicated in your business.

The advantage of dealing with a company that is constantly striving to exceed all the set norms and standards in the industry, ensuring that service delivery constantly top expectations.


Our strategy is based on quality security. Our technical facilities are state of the art. Our commitment to our clients and their security goes beyond strategic security planning and managing.

We will create special channels to communicate with our customers and clients needs in the security contract to insure that all these objectives are met.


At Citi Protection, our commitment is to provide the security services and more security required by our clients. Through our expertise, professional dedicated teams on site and our infrastructure.


  • PSIRA trained & registered security officers.
  • Induction training at the company.
  • Site specific training to client needs.
  • Ongoing site training.
  • Bi-Weekly written service calls to monitor performance.
  • Armed reaction on verified incidents.
  • Trained supervisory staff & quality management.
  • A wide array of services & equipment.


  • A complete needs analysis is done at the premises.
  • A formal agreement is negotiated with the client.
  • A formal job description is negotiated with the client.
  • Security officers and relievers are trained to the Job Description.
  • Regular written service calls are done with the client to ensure client satisfaction.
  • Armed reaction on verification of possible risk as preventative measure.
  • Reduced risk due to advanced technology = Reduction in the number of officers required.
  • Performance management by client.


An electronic security-patrolling unit can be installed at each post, provided an electric power point is available in close proximity.

The units, complete with an emergency battery back up, are linked to the company’s centralized 24-hour control centre via a radio, and allow for supplementary armed Response personnel to be deployed when the security officer calls for assistance.

Predetermined patrol times are programmed to the unit, which enables the officer to regularly patrol the area under his command.

Management and supervisory visits are recorded by the unit, and the client can obtain computer printouts of the exact times and dates of the visits and reaction to the premises to the aid of security officers will be provided free of charge.

Occurrence books, gate registers and other control documentation will be for the Company’s expense and the client will not be charged for it.


It is our firm belief that Citi Protection Guarding Division should be selected by yourselves to supply the required services for the following reasons:

  • We have a demonstrated ability in the field of Guarding services.
  • Our core values are based on integrity and the highest possible levels of service.
  • We are able to provide a cost effective solution for our client on an ongoing basis.
  • We are a meaningful and fast growing player in the service industry within all areas of operation and have the proper management ability, professionalism and financial resources to achieve our objectives.

Should you require any further information or wish to discuss the proposal, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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CCTV Cameras

Contact Us For A No Sales Pressure, Obligation Free CCTV Installation Quote

With the growth of theft and crime in business, Closed Circuit Television cameras or better known as CCTV Cameras are considered as an essential security tool.

Close Circuit Television cameras are installed in all places for crime detection and prevention. These surveillance cameras are available at a reasonable cost, it is simple to install and it requires low-maintenance and can be monitored off-site.

Citi Protection CCTV

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Why Employ More Guards If You Can Use a CCTV System?

You can reduce the number of guards by using multiple and moving surveillance cameras. Here are more benefits of using CCTV systems:

  • Reduce the risk of employees falling asleep.
  • 24 Hour Surveillance. You don’t have to stress about employees staying away from work.
  • You don’t even need a security guard during the night to open electric gates or doors. We can do everything from our control centre with fingerprint recognition.
  • Deters Crime. Criminals are likely to leave and search for an easier target. Employees who know that they are being watched will be less likely to take a chance to steal from their employer.
  • It keeps a record of incidents of crime. You can always go back to surveillance footage to help solve crime.
  • The software is extremely easy to use and it runs on Windows XP. Basically, if you know how to click a mouse you will be able to use it.

Citi Protection CCTV
Citi Protection CCTV

We have a large selection of CCTV systems. Complete the short form to get your FREE, Obligation FREE Home Security Assessment

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Virtual Guard

“Virtual Guard” for your Home or Business

Citi Protection Virtual Guard
Citi Protection Virtual Guard
Citi Protection Virtual Guard Citi Protection Virtual Guard
Citi Protection Virtual Guard
Citi Protection Virtual Guard


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