Company Overview

Alarm Systems

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Outdoor Alarms

The use of outdoor detection for both industrial security systems and household security systems use is fast gaining momentum in South Africa.
→Outdoor alarm systems is no longer seen as a nice to have in the overhaul security plan but rather a necessity.
→This has been as a direct result of the violent nature of housebreakings and robberies in the recent years.
→Outdoor alarm systems are now used as an early warning system.


CCTV Systems

Growth of theft and crime in business:
→CCTV Cameras and cctv remote monitoring is considered as an essential security tool.



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Armed Response

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Service Area

Service area TO BECOME AREAS WE COVER AND list the suburbs


About Us

We provide maximum security services and specialize in:
Computer alarms,
Home alarm systems,
CCTV Camera systems,
CCTV Remote Monitoring,
Commercial security alarms,

We are the best alternative to Pretoria, National security Pretoria and provide maximum security services to you.

We are the market leaders when it comes to faster and efficient market leading services.

We supply alarm systems in Pretoria, Pretoria north, Pretoria West, Pretoria East, Mooinooi, Moot areas.

We Are
Security services

We are a South African owned and managed company:
→We understand the local cultures and its importance in developing crime prevention strategies in the suburbs and communities.

We invested to procure the most advanced technology to ensure a proficient service. This means your call is dealt with in an proficient agent without unnecessary delays. We have implemented a number of Policies & Procedures to ensure our services and service levels are "Unique".


Approved alarm systems

All alarms are quality guaranteed but are ESDA approved.
All technicians receive regular product training to ensure we can address any system problems that may occur.

Hands on management

Shareholders and directors is involved in day to day management, to this extent any challenges you face is resolved.

Responsible approach

All our staff are:
→PSIRA Registered.
→Undergo strenuous pre-employment screening.
→Undergo polygraph testing prior to employment.
→Undergo driving tests.
→Undergo practical & theoretical shooting.
→Undergo psychometric testing.
They further undergo random polygraph testing to ensure we do not compromise your safety.

SAPS & Local authorities

We work hand in hand with local SAPS and authorities in order to:
→To ensure we stay abreast of latest crime tendencies.
→To ensure we address crime tendencies with the necessary pro-active crime prevention strategies at our valued clients.

And many more...