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Whilst ADT free rental alarms and chubb free rental alarm offers are seemingly not a bad idee the client must carefully consider the flowing before signing a rental agreement and we elaborate:

The free rental alarm system offered by ADT Security and it’s various ADT authorized dealers has an alarm installation cost and fees like admin fees, which very often exceeds the full basic alarm system specials offered by Citi Protection at R2499.00 installation and warranty included.
Terms and Conditions apply.

The client must also be very aware that the free rental alarm stays the property of the company and should the client elect to cancel at the end of the rental period the alarm system equipment is removed. The monthly free alarm system premiums (the increased monthly premiums) are lost together with the initial installation fees and admin fees. The client must also be aware that should the services not meet the required standards and a cancellation is done, the client will be held laible as a rental agreement falls outside the consumer protection act the client can lose a significant amount of money.

The obvious choice is Citi Protection alarms Call us now and make use of this PRICE MATCH OFFER!!

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