BEE Certificate

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The Group has retained OUR B-BBEEE rating by ensuring compliance with the Generic Scorecard released by the Department of Trade and Industry.

◦The Group is committed to transformation as defined in the B-BBEE codes of good practice
◦The group has facilitated several successful BEE initiatives, which include creating opportunities for black entrepreneurs to render services to the Group
◦These initiatives allow BEE entrepreneurs, SMME's and other outside players to benefit from the Group's infrastructure, and to leverage off the management expertise
◦Within the Group itself, transformation continues to be a priority with opportunities created for previously disadvantaged individuals
◦The Procurement division is tasked with vigorously pursuing the development of black female owned enterprises at all levels

◦We believe that we must take an active role within our community and welcome our role as stakeholder in the advancement and empowerment of those persons previously disadvantage by unfair discrimination.
◦Empowerment can only be achieved through the advancement of people, the implementation of employment equity and participative management. This is being achieved by improving our practices wherever there is potential to do so, to ensure that all the employees are given the opportunity to meet their full potential. Non-discrimination is the best business practice and our focus on employment equity ensures that our policies and procedures continue to improve.
◦From our inception we implemented practices to ensure that existing employees and potential applicant from designated groups are offered preferential access to employment and advancement. All application forms and interview questions are based on appropriate selection criteria and are job related. The principles of the Employment Equity Act are strictly adhered to. ◦RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION Citi Protection advertises as an equal opportunity employer. The necessary criteria for the job as well as procedures and time limits for applying are also clearly stated. Where possible we preferably promote from within our existing ranks of designated employees