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Home alarm systems

Welcome to Citi Protection home alarm security, CCTV and armed response services. We service the following areas:

Pretoria Central, Pretoria North, Pretoria West, Pretoria Moot and Mooinooi.

The executive takes cognizance of the fact that an free rental alarm or alarm system installation can be very intrusive in one’s home, but the sad reality is that it has become a necessity to protect the family and one’s hard earned possessions. It is with this in mind that the executive has ensured that sales representatives and alarm technicians are mindful to meet the security need of each client rather than sell alarm system packages just to get a client to pay a monthly alarm monitoring and armed response fee.

The executive then investigated the free rental alarm or also free alarm system marketing strategies and found that in almost all cases the alarm installation fee or admin fees levied or inflated cost of all additional alarm equipment is far more expensive than should the client purchase the alarm equipment outright from us. This does not include inflated monthly armed response premiums. The executive then also investigated the legal position of an alarm rental agreement and were advised that it falls outside the scope of the consumer protection act and hence many clients have had to endure the agony of service delivery issues with only threats of legal action and alarm system removal.

We currently have an alarm system special where you can get a basic alarm system kit for only R2999, which amount includes all costs including alarm installation fees as well as two year limited guarantee.
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But first we would like to ask you something...

What do you think the chances are that your home will be burglarized this year? Data from the SAPS crime report shows that every 15.4 seconds somewhere in South Africa a burglary occurs. How would you feel if you come home after a long day at work and to realize you have been robbed? Now the loss of your material possessions is not the end of the world because you can easily replace it. However, what a thief can steal from you is not your personal belongings, but your peace of mind. One way to feel safe in your home again, and to regain your sense of security is by getting a home security system, where a trained armed response team monitors and protects your family 24/7.

If you want to buy a home alarm system or just want to enquire about home alarm system prices or the cost of home alarm systems installation look no further. We have great alarm system specials and our ,alarm system prices are tailor made to suite your alarm security needs

Get a basic alarm system for only R2999 today and we'll do the alarm installation for FREE plus you'll get your 1st month of armed response services FREE. But first, get a free home security review by completing the form to the right.
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Commercial alarm systems

The executive realized that the approach to securing your home and securing your business is essentially two worlds apart. It is with this in mind that the sales representatives accessing the electronic security systems needs are trained to take other factors into consideration.

Our HYYP Mobile APP allows certain persons executive functions(Eg. cancelling alarm via app) and others just operational functions (Eg. Arm and disarm). In all the above instances the admintrator can designate the reporting to certain individuals.

This office also supplies links to electric fences, pepper-gas units and fire detection sensors, CCTV camera systems.

If you want to buy a office alarm system or just want to enquire about office alarm system prices or the cost of office alarm systems installation look no further. We have great alarm system specials and our alarm system prices are tailor made to suite your alarm security needs. For a free no obligation alarm system quotation call us now!!

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